Vrindan is a non-profit organisation that seeks to instil in people the belief that self- care and nourishment, instinctively paves a way for community welfare and prosperity. It holds the vision of being able to promote holistic well being through the resonating powers of performing and visual arts and thereby rejuvenating people’s spirits.

Creative Wall

The Creative Well” an international organisation that supports the mental health and wellbeing of musicians and all others working within the music industry. ‘The Creative Well’ distinct from other wellbeing practices as Nadine and her team uniquely appreciate how difficult it is for someone in the industry to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit given the often unhealthy working environments and unconventional lifestyle. A multi-disciplinary and integrative medicine approach is used to assess and personalise treatment plans for the clients they collaborate with. Nadine’s  holistic philosophy recognises and treats each person individually, nurturing wholeness and healing, which in turn has helped many to restore the joy of making music and executing tours.

RRE Studios

A Delhi-NCR Based Production House and Recording Studio, focused on producing music, videos and digital content in all dimensions. RRE’s state of the art on-ground studio space enables artists to record vocals, perform live with instruments, produce music and shoot indoor videos in any dimensions of their need and choice.

Their creative multifaceted team, is known for providing first-rate experiences in the field of Music Production, Storytelling through visuals, On-Ground and Virtual Events and Social Media Management.