Higher Studies in music

Don Wright Faculty of Music

Music followed a unique path in its affiliation with Western, evolving into a Faculty in 1968. Today, it is one of the top schools of musical excellence in Canada.The journey began in 1903 with the formation of the Conservatory of London. In 1919, the Institute of Musical Art opened to teach “the art and science of music, voice, culture, and expression.” The institute operated under the auspices of the University of Toronto and Toronto Conservatory.
Summer classes in music were offered by Western in 1934; in that same year, the Institute was incorporated as the Western Ontario Conservatory of Music.
The Sunday Nine O’Clock Series was launched the following year, generating interest in music education at the university.
In 1938, the principal of the four-year-old Western Ontario Conservatory of Music was appointed Director of Music for the University. When the McIntosh Gallery opened in 1942, the conservatory offices were moved into the building. During the 1943-44 academic year, 12 students were allowed to take a music course for academic credit.
The Music Teacher’s College was set up in 1945 and three levels of instruction were established: the Department of Music in University College; Music Teachers’ College at the collegiate level; ad secondary level instruction at the Western Conservatory.