Higher Studies in music

Jeff Jacob

Coach Corporate Team Building


TEDx Speaker, Songwriter, Fortune 500 Marketing Specialist, Bridge-Builder, Animal Rescuer... that’s Jeff. Having worked on projects with notables including Bryan Adams David, Rascal Flatts, Anderson Cooper, Harry Connick, Jr., and Loretta Lynn to name a few…Jeff understands what the best do to strive for perfection. His areas of expertise include employee training, organizational team-building, brand development, content creation, strategic alliances, and event programming. Jeff is a regular consultant to USA TODAY and Washington Post Best-Selling Business authors. On April 1, 2014 he took on the role of Director of Operations for the largest “No-Kill” dog rescue in Florida. After taking the reins here, this organization reached all time best metrics for a) lives saved in a year, b) reduction of (length of stay) by 33%, c) shrinking employee turnover by 75%.As a Writer, Jeff served as a Staff Songwriter for The Songs of Love Foundation. His song “Until That Day Comes” was the theme song on a TV show called “Rescue Ink”. In 2014 was commissioned to write the theme song for Red Cardinal Films release, “The Deadliest Vow.” His 6th CD, “7 Days,” is being used as a fund-raising tool for literacy groups and animal rescue organizations. He previously wrote a column, “The Art