Higher Studies in music

  • Which is the best course for me ?

  • I want to do music but my parents want me to do Engineering. What should I do?

  • My mind is doing what my parents want and my hear is in what I want to pursue. I am confused!!

Regardless of your interest, genre, or Location the answer is very  subjective. Various sources e.g. parents, teachers, counsellors, websites would give you various options  but only you can decide what is best for you, and which school or schools can provide that.

Here are a few tips for shortlisting your course

Given are few questions which you have to prioritize to create a criterion list, you may add if you have some more questions in mind though

Once you have answer to these questions, or others which you have in mind, Prioritise and see the various schools and match it with you criterion to shortlist

Once this list is ready, take virtual tours see the faculty, see the alumni talk to them to be certain about the doubts you have in your mind and narrow down you list.  It would be a good idea to take a few lessons with one or more faculty you finally considering to see actual fitment with you expectations.

The Audition Round

Once your application has been shortlisted and you are invited for Auditions, be happy instead of being scared as this is your time to access the school and educators  as much as they would want to know about you.

Prepare your questions, which you have not been able to find on Google or their school website before the  audition which would  will help you learn more about the school and also show your sincere interest in the music program.

Post Auditions