Higher Studies in music

Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci

Whether you are a singer or play an instrument, Milan will offer you a unique opportunity. Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, Italy’s largest music academy, opens its doors to international students wishing to refine their performance techniques for their preferred instrument, to sing solo or in a choir, to practice solfeggio or orchestra conduction. The Conservatory is located in Via Verdi, right in the city center. The street takes the name from the great Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.
The Conservatory is part of the Erasmus program due to its role in the European and global musical education: every year even more international students enrol to the academy. This makes the Conservatory a multicultural environment, in a city where the tradition of opera is still popular and alive. Indeed, every year Teatro alla Scala attracts thousands of visitors from Italy and abroad. The academy offers first or second level diplomas , which are equivalent to a three or five-year degree.
The Conservatory accepts students from an early age, since it is partnered with a middle and a high-school. Evening courses are also available.