Higher Studies in music

Workshop Role of Bass

Workshop 2 days 60-90mins 

Minimum 10 aspirants are required.


  • The basic “role” of the bass in most musical settings.
  • Constructing bass lines based on harmony applicable to the style at hand – always honouring the tradition.
  • Discussing the importance of “feel” – not just notes.
  • Fulfilling the construction of bass lines but in a creative original way – still maintaining the role of the bass.
  • The language or “grammar” is required to express oneself creatively and freely without restriction always honouring the tradition of the style or genre being played.
  • Mechanics or “Bread and butter” requirements, such as reading, interpreting a part etc. required, to being a complete functioning well-rounded musician.
  • Solo concepts and ideas.
  • Discussing the difference from “role” bass playing, to solo bass playing or the combination of the two together.
  • The letting go of all knowledge i.e. the unlearning process and being able to function in the moment without restriction. Letting go of the “gotta be” notion. Creative freedom being the goal. 


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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90mins
Lectures: 1