Higher Studies in music

Workshop Odissi Dance

This is a 5 Day workshop 90-120mins

Minimum 10 aspirants are required


Day – 1

1.Meaning of Dance and its Definition

2.Origin of Dance

3.Bhumi Pranam, its theory and Importance

4.Various Exercises and stretching to relax your different muscles.


1.Development of Dance

2.Tradition of Dance in India

3.Joint Mobilisation Exercises

4.Basic movements of Chauka and its Theory


1.Classical Dance forms of India

2.Evolution of Classical Dance

3.Hasta Mudras used in Odissi Dance

4.Chauka movements using heel and toe


1.History of Odissi dance and its Development

2.Importance of Rhythm in Dance

3.Different Bhaga and Vibhaga of Dance

4.Ganesh Vandana


1.Why should you learn a classical dance form?

2.Ganesh Vandana

3.Costume and Ornaments adorned by an Odissi Dancer

Takeaways for Students from the workshop programme-

1.Enhancement of body flexibility

2.Learning to control the balance of body

3.Building up of core strength

4.Theoretical knowledge about different types of dances in India

5.Theoretical knowledge on different Classical dance forms of India

6.Understanding the different hand gestures (Hasta Mudras)

7.Introduction to the math of dance (Taal- Rhythm)

8.Understanding the development of the dance form and its costume, with regards to the

development of the society.

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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90mins
Lectures: 5