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Team Building Workshop

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Start Date:
Duration: 60-75mins
Lectures: 1

Maximum 15 participants

  • Learning Tabla Bols and reciting them to create a rhythmic phrase – 15 minutes
    • Give some examples of simple bols through call and response.
    • Chaitanya reciting one full phrase.
    • Teaching the phrase by breaking it down into different parts.


  • Have everyone contribute a compositional idea to put together a full piece – 20 minutes
    • Ask attendees to come up with a location, emotion, and speed.
    • Compose a melody with them in relation to the bol phrase


  • Divide members into groups and build percussion instruments from items in their homes. – 25 minutes
    •  Have them explain their instrument and play it with the same bol


  • Leave the module with your own percussion instrument and composition of your own.
  • Q/A

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