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Organisational Song writing/Story-telling/Collaboration workshop

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Start Date:
Duration: 75mins
Lectures: 1


Maximum 15 participants

  • Minutes 1-10: Involve sharing a brief video that tells the story of collaborative songwriting from Lennon & McCartney to Rodgers & Hammerstein and everyone in between, and draws the parallel between that endeavour and all successful companies regardless of industry.
  • Minutes 10-35: Then we set the table for why we are “here today” in this virtual songwriting room. 
  • Minutes 35-50: Involve brainstorming or ideation on certain key questions.  The concepts/verbiage which the groups come up with will be typed in real-time on a virtual whiteboard the entire group can see
  • Minutes 50-60: Then, we move to create the framework for turning those words and concepts into a narrative that has a start point, a main chorus or hook, middle, and end.  In songwriting terms that would be verse 1, verse 2, chorus, bridge, chorus as the most widely utilized song structure.  Throughout the process, the attendees are reminded that all voices at the table need to have their time to be heard, their time to shine.  That is how good turns to great.  Whether as a new song, or a new product or service or improved workflow or system! This process is driven by the information the client presents to us with the customization sheet which keeps us on point & in focus. 
  • Minutes 60-75: As the process unwinds the participants will experience what hit songwriters in Hollywood, Nashville and New York do every day to create the most successful, hit songs in the world.  Collaborate, edit, check their ego at the door, get better at telling their story with fewer words.  Problem-solve. 
  • Minutes 75-90: At the end of the program, we’ll have created a collaborative piece that all will have contributed to.   A story about THAT company, THAT industry, at THIS point in time.
  • Also, The option exists at the end of the day, for my colleagues and me to implement a basic recording of the song the group has created, so as to memorialize the collaboration which has occurred.  We then turn this over as an MP3 to the client to share with their team as an easy to share memento.  

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