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Masterclass Belting: Singing With Power and Emotion, Without Harming Your Voice

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Duration: 60-90mins
Lectures: 1

Masterclass 60-90mins

Minimum 10 Aspirants required



Belting is singing that is powerful, emotional, loud, passionate, and athletic. It is heard so often these days in popular styles that singers often believe they have to belt in order to be a “real” singer, while others don’t want to be loud, and prefer softer, more intimate vocals. Truth is, good singing isn’t always loud and dramatic: it has peaks and valleys. Contour. Dynamics. Many people believe too—falsely—that singing with a belt voice will always damage your voice. 

This workshop will demonstrate how to sing powerfully without harming your voice. You’ll learn when it’s appropriate to use a belt voice when it is not. In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how your voice actually works for belting—debunking the myths and misconceptions
  • Learn and practice different “placements” for belt singing including Mix Voice and Chest Voice
  • Practice singing between your different registers
  • Watch some of the great singers belting and learn how they’re using their voices

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