Higher Studies in music

Certificate program on Cajon

12 weeks once a week Certificate course on Cajon

Minimum 10 aspirants required


Learn how to play the Cajon, obtaining a great tone, hand position and technique that will allow the student to take their Cajon playing skills to the maximum level over time, ensuring a great beginning in the instrument.

The origins of the Instrument and its History

Basic and advanced techniques

Fusion and contemporary grooves were applied to Cajon. (Hip Hop, Funk, Pop Samba, Afro Cuban, Afro Peruvian, Odd meters and Mediterranean rhythms on Cajon.

Cajon applications to Indian music (Exploring how to properly translate some of the main rhythms from Indian tradition to Cajon)


Cajon in Flamenco Music and its main rhythms and accompaniment concepts (Bulerias, Solea, Seguiriyas, Tangos, Rumbas, Fandangos, Tanguillos)

Accompaniment concepts for voice, guitar and dance in Flamenco

Cajon composition concepts for solo and Cajon ensemble

The Cajon is the core of the hybrid setup. Exploring combining Cajon with other instruments creating hybrid setups to fit the style to play.


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Start Date:
Duration: 12 weeks once a week
Lectures: 12