Higher Studies in music

Certificate Odissi Dance "Advance"

24 week course with 48 sessions 60-90 mins


Minimum 10 Aspirants are required





 Dance as a tradition in India

 Types of Dance

 Sira Veda

 Drushti Veda

 Griba Veda

 Bhaga Vibhaga of Odissi

 Musical Instruments used in Odissi Dance

 Costume and Ornaments used in Odissi dance


 Advanced Five Chauka movements

 Advanced Five Tribhanga movements

 Pratham Vibhaga Mangalacharan

 4 Bhagas of Mangalacharan

 Mancha Prabesa- Its importance

 Bhumi Pranam- Its theory

 Guru Vandana- Its importance in Odissi dance

 Sabha Pranam- 3 Namaskars and the reason behind

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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90mins
Lectures: 48