Higher Studies in music

Certificate Course Six Vital Aspects of Piano Teaching

Certificate course 6 weeks


Minimum 10 Aspirants required


Six Vital Aspects of Piano Teaching

  1. Listening
    In this session, participants will learn three approaches to listening for the musical and technical needs of their students. The session will be devoted to general pianistic and musical issues, not styles of individual eras or composers.
  2. Technical Aptitude
    This session will explain how to developing the physical coordination necessary to demonstrate for students. The session will also identify technical problems that can be solved by proper early training.
  3. Vocabulary
    When teaching lessons, each word from the teacher counts. This session will explain how to develop teaching aptitude for various learners and personalities.
  4. Expectations
    Productive lessons are based on teacher-student relationships with realistic expectations. This session addresses how to set, manage, and revise expectations.
  5. Performing Skills
    Excellent teachers typically have performing experience and skills to share with their students. This session develops awareness of performance as a part of teaching and the art of good demonstrations.
  6. Imagination Student imagination and interpretation are pivotal to musical success. How to develop imaginative interpretations will be discussed in this session

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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90mins
Lectures: 6