Higher Studies in music

Certificate Course Singing Musical Theatre

12 Weeks Certificate Course once a week 60-90mins

Minimum 10 students are required

  1. In this series of workshops, designed by Music Meléti, is a gateway to Musical Theatre and how to prepare yourself to sing in them.

    Here we will cover all the technical aspects – musicals, vocals, and expressions – that a singing actor, or acting singer, must acquire to be an effective performer in this demanding activity.

    While exploring through the course, you will learn the necessary physical and vocal control modules. Some are fun and few are dull, but it is the base that will be the foundation of this exciting and challenging career.

    This course consists of 12 workshops:


    1. Introduction: A brief introduction to Musical Theatre’s singing, covering posture and breath. We will be exploring how to
    • produce and vary the sound,
    • negotiate the register changes,
    • what vibrato adds, and the connection between body, soul, and mind;
    • How we articulate text, what we do differently in speech and song;
    • The impact accents can have, and what defines ‘artistry’

    All these elements combine to create an effective performer.

    1. Posture: In this module, we will be understanding how our body aligns, and how this enables the voice to flow smoothly and naturally.
    2. Breath: The respiratory process is what keeps us alive; it also provides the life for communication and vocalization.
    3. The singing body: A voice has its own body, mind, and soul. Unwanted tensions must be addressed and replaced with necessary tensions to allow a free, expressive voice to blossom.
    4. Larynx: This valve is the source of our sound but it must be properly exercised for our own physical safety. Learn how to keep yourself safe during rigorous training.
    5. Onsets/offsets: Learn why and how the way we begin a sound, is vital to expression, clarity, and vocal health.
    6. Registers/Qualities: The human voice is an imperfect instrument like all other instruments, needs to be managed with specific technical control and awareness.
    7. Vibrato: Vibrato is what gives a voice individuality, character, and expression; each voice has a unique vibrato, learn how to train yours.
    8. Styles: Musical Theatre is an incredibly demanding style, incorporating opera to R & P.
    9. Text: How we make our text clear, why it needs to be clear, and how singing in different languages or accents impacts this.
    10. Artistry: The cherry on the top. Learn how to use all of the above lessons to express and communicate effectively.
    11. Conclusion: While workshops 2-10 give us the tools and ingredients for our voice, workshops 1 and 11 are the glue that binds them together. This includes vocal health and discussion about how to achieve the best results. Learning to sing in Musical Theatres is not easy or quick, it will be a very thorough process.


    With this Musical Theatre workshop, music aspirants will discover and learn the various methods to build a strong base for a charismatic personality in this industry, all from one-to-one live sessions from their homes.

    Music Meleti offers you a supportive, friendly, and enjoyable environment, while you learn the skills that enable aspirants to become singing actors, dancers or even both.

    In this series of workshops, Music Meleti will offer you live mentorships. Bringing you the best artists who will impart their insights to their deftness and share their experience and exercises that helped them succeed in the Musical Theatre Industry.


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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90mins per session
Lectures: 12