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Certificate Course Sing Your Way Through Theory

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Start Date:
Duration: 60mins
Lectures: 6

This is a Certificate Course 6 weeks once a week 60 mins

Minimum 10 aspirants are required

Lesson 1: Basic Theory Knowledge


Note Names

Leger Lines

Middle C

Grand Staff


Using the Piano

Half Steps


The Chromatic Scale

Whole Steps


Lesson 2: The Major Scale/Circle of Fifths and Key Signatures

The Major Scales – using songs to improvise with

The Circle of Fifths

The Order of Sharps

The Order of Flats

Key Signatures


Lesson 3: Intervals

Intervals in Melody

Intervals in Harmony

Consonance and Dissonance

Diatonic and Non-Diatonic Notes

Major and Perfect Intervals


Lesson 4: Diatonic Chords

Chords and Chord Symbols

Chord Inversions




Lesson 5: Other Types of Scales to Sing

Pentatonic Scales

Minor Scales


Lesson 6: Blues

Blues Scale

Blues form

Blues melody



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