Higher Studies in music

Certificate Course in Teaching

Certificate Course 6 weeks once a week 60-90mins

Minimum 10 aspirants are required.





An introduction to Simultaneous Learning

In this first presentation, Paul will introduce his world-acclaimed approach 

to teaching and learning, where the student comes first and all learning moves

in a positive direction.


 The Virtuoso Teacher

Here we will look at how teachers can aspire to be their best selves

and be most effective 


 Teaching Beginners

Perhaps the most important teaching that we do – this presentation will

discuss the best and most effective methods to create successful and

durable students.


  The language of music

This session will look at developing a systematic and reliable

method to teach the language of music, most importantly

music reading and theory.  And do it in a very enjoyable and engaging way.


  How to teach the practice

Teaching students to practice effectively is an art.  In this session, we will discuss ways of making practice both enjoyable and desirable.


  Unconditional teaching

Here we will explore some of the more psychological aspects of teaching and learning and discover how to make the whole process very meaningful and special.

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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90
Lectures: 6