Higher Studies in music

Certificate Course in Piano and Composition

Certification course 8 weeks once a week for 60-90mins

Minimum 10 aspirants are required


1.Jazz Piano 101


-Learning a melody/Jazz Standard 


-Voicings (3 note/inversions/two-handed/drop 2 voicings)

-Improving your time/Metronome work

-Modes/Chord-Scale relationships

-Riff based soloing

-Developmental improvisation

-An introduction to the following forms:

Blues/Rhythm Changes/16 bar/32 bar/the tag

-II-V-I harmony 


  1. 2. Jazz Composition



What is jazz composition? / Composition Pointers

Exercises in compositional practice

Unconventional rhythmic phrasing/writing a line over a standard

Pushing the boundaries 

Harmonic origins

Writing to a brief

Modal and beyond 

Trane Changes/Reharmonization

The European application of Coltrane changes/slash chord harmony


2/3 Horn writing – Rhythmic strength/Economy of ideas


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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90mins
Lectures: 8