Higher Studies in music

Certificate Course in Hindustani Vocals

Certificate Course 6 months twice a week 48 Lessons 60-90 mins.

Minimum 5 aspirants required



Hindustani Classical Music – conceptual knowledge. – For all levels

– Some theory notes regarding Indian Classical Music.- Intermediate and advance 

– Basic alankars/sargams/paltas for vocal training.- Beginners

– Advance level alankars/sargams/paltas.- Intermediate and advance

– Lakshan geet / Sargam geet of few Indian Classical Raagas. –  Beginners

– Knowledge of some prominent Raagas with rendition.- Intermediate

– Knowledge of embellishment of Raagas in various ways.- Advance

– Concept of some basic taals used in Indian Classical Music.- For all levels

– The importance of using taals while singing or presenting the bandishes of raagas.- For all levels

– Imparting the concept of semi classical music & it’s various unique styles. – Advance

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