Higher Studies in music

Certificate Course Guitar for Professionals

Certificate course 6 weeks twice a week class

Minimum 10 Aspirants are required

This course is applicable to anyone, at any level it includes almost everything that a guitarist should know about his instrument, especially a few details which are unique to the guitar, also including the application of scales and music theory and a few essential tips for stage discipline and performances.

After completing this 12 session course, the aspirant will be ready to attain a higher level of performance, both as a soloist and accompanist.

This course promises to set a strong foundation for the aspirant.

The course will comprise of the following:

Scales – theory, movable scale shapes, application

Chords – theory, movable chord shapes, application

Guitar expressions
– Harmonics, Slides, Bends, Hammer-ons & Pull-offs

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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90mins
Lectures: 12