Higher Studies in music

Certificate Course Contemporary/Global Jazz Guitar

Learning Mode:

6 Weeks Certificate course once a week 60-90mins

Minimum 10 aspirants are required


Contemporary/Global Jazz Guitar Masterclass

 This is a twelve-hour course with Professor Ben Sher. In this course, students will be presented with all the necessary skills to be equipped for professional performance in the Contemporary world of jazz guitar! Students will learn the fundamentals of a broad range of popular jazz styles: Brazilian, straight ahead, neo-soul, and gypsy jazz. Students will learn an organized approach to reading on the guitar, and soloing  and accompaniment in all of these styles.


Module 1: Intro. to Fretboard Harmony 

1.) Chord voice leading: ’shell chords’ and the Freddie Green, and gypsy jazz guitar style. Repertoire: Limehouse Blues and In a Mellow Tone

2.) Fretboard Harmony: an introduction to the ‘mapping’ of the guitar neck as presented by Pat Martino and myself. 3 Octave Arpeggios, major, minor triads and major seventh. 3 octave major and minor pentatonic scales. A discussion of the nature of the ‘blues’ scale. Repertoire includes Little WingBlues at 10:00 ( an original) and Back at the Chicken Shack. Grant Green transcription: Dink’s Blues

3.) Reading workshop. A presentation of the concept of position playing as taught by William Leavitt. Repertoire: selected pages from the Modern Method for Guitar. Bach Invention #10. Here There and Everywhere 


Module 2: Bossa Nova and Contemporary soul chord voicing. Modal Improvisation

1.) seventh chord extensions and tensions. A look at four and five-voice chord motion in various styles: bossa-nova, r and b and neo-soul, and Organ Trio Jazz. Repertoire includes What’s Going On, Corcovado, and Cool Blues

2.) Fretboard Harmony: The modes: a unique approach. Prof. Sher’s jazz scales and jazz lines page. Repertoire includes Cantelope Island, Maiden Voyage, and All Blues. Grant Green transcription Green Jeans

3.) Reading Lab: three-octave scales and fifth position stud


Module 3: Miles Davis composition Blue and Green

This will include a solo arrangement by Professor Sher. A presentation of the modes of the melodic minor scale, their octave ma7+5 arpeggios, and the 6/8 Afro-Cuban rhythm.

Reading Lab: Bach Two-Part invention #4


Module 4 : Introduction to be-bop.


1.) Prof. Sher’s voice leading exercises on Autumn Leaves and 11-V-I sequences.  Grant Green transcription: Moon River

2.) Solo guitar arrangement of Misty, arranged by Prof. Sher

3.) more advanced samba rhythms for guitar. Repertoire : Estamos Ai


Module 5 : More Advanced Jazz Lines and Solo Guitar 


1.) Prof. Sher’s arrangement of How Insensitive for solo guitar

2.) transcriptions: Grant Green What is This Thing Called Love, Pat Martino Gator Whale, and Just Friends


Module 6 :

Final Presentation by students! Students will play arrangements, transcriptions and/or Bach pieces, and repertoire songs that they produce backing tracks for. 





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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90mins
Lectures: 6