Higher Studies in music

Certificate Course Ace your Auditions

This is a Certificate course 6 weeks 60-90mins once a week

Minimum 10 Students are required


Prepare your vocals, music, musicianship and performance so you can get accepted

to your dream school.

A six-week course for singers with weekly live masterclasses and digital learning

materials including video, audio, worksheets and quizzes.

Mix? Belt? Falsetto? Riffs? Chest? Head?

Too many words and too many choices lead to information overload!

Get clarity on the skills and artistry you need to be prepared for success at your


Learn solutions to:

Vocal Fatigue

Faulty intonation

Nasal tone

Lack of power

Limited range

Uncomfortable high or low notes

Nerves and lack of confidence!

Develop the ability to sing throughout your range without losing tone quality or

feeling uncomfortable so you’ll have great high notes, power, flexibility and


What we’ll do:

Solve vocal issues by learning to mix, sing with power, flexibility and expression

Prepare your song choices

Develop your hearing for intervals and harmony

Improve your musicianship

Find your most authentic performance -“storytelling”

Build your confidence and reduce your fears

Connect with other students.

Learn how the singers’ mind impacts your voice, performing and creating music.

Weekly live masterclasses, pre-recorded videos, worksheets, quizzes and

personalized email feedback.


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Start Date:
Duration: 60-90mins
Lectures: 6