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“A good teacher knows how to bring out the best in the student”

A simple but profound statement but means so much and at Music Meléti we understand the value of that and hence have brought the top-of-the-line educators for you. A good teacher or educator can not only help the student learn but also helps the student perform to his/her optimal best and we do realise the worth of having such tutors with us. We have invested in identifying the top league teachers/professors who will impart our courses. Best online faculty for Music and performing arts would ensure a world-class delivery and best-in-class learning experience for the Learner.

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Our Coaches

Asaf Sirkis
Ashtha Godbole Karlekar
Ben Sher
Bryan Husband
Chaitanya Kris
Dr Makiko Hirata
Dr. Mythili Anoop
Giorgio Serci
Jarred Dunn
Jeannie Gagne
Jeff Jacob
Joe Stump
John Lockwood
Kris Adams
Linda Balliro
pankaj Gupta
Paul Harris
Puspita Mishara
Sanel Redzic
Sarosh Izedyar
Sergio Martinez Diaz
Vrinda Chadha

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes online courses are easy to do and require the same kind of focus and attention as offline  courses. The focus remains on a strong and robust course content and having the Best online faculty which the platform has. At Music Meléti we ensure we have the most experienced faculty to teach the learners.  Best online faculty for Music and Performing Arts is available with us.

Music Meléti offers Online music tutors in India and also from abroad. The course will be a good mix of theory and practice. It is at the discretion of the educator to decide the right mix but all of that will be mentioned in the course outline.  Please do read through the course to understand more about the online music tutor or the online performing arts teacher.

A Tutor or Educator is the same thing, these are words used interchangeably to point out to the Online Music teacher in India and from abroad who teach for us for the course available on Music Meléti. We have the best online faculty for Music and Performing Arts available on our platform. 

Music Meléti is a Music and Performing Arts teaching platform too. We have the best Online music and performing Arts teachers. Most of our Teachers/Educators have more than a decade of experience  from top colleges of the world.

Once you are on the Music Meléti site  browse through the courses and the educator profile. Once the online Music Tutor is shortlisted and you have chosen the course you want to enrol for, please click on the payment options available and pay. Once the payment is through you will get the instructions through mail. Our offerings include the best Music Teaching platform.

Please browse through the courses available on Music Meléti site. Each course has a detailed description of what the course entails and also more about the Tutor. It also mentions the duration, daily time involvement and certification possible. Music Meléti is an aggregator of the Music and Performing Arts course from across the world. It is a favoured Music Teaching Platform.

You can pay through your preferred mode on Music Meléti site. UPI, Credit card or Net banking etc can you used. Choose the online Music Teacher in India or Choose the online Performing Arts teacher in India or abroad and simply pay and start.

To make the best of any learning you need the best online Music or Performing Arts Tutor. Some of the teachers only teach and may not be practitioners. In the field of Music and Performing Arts the teachers do perform while teaching. Since these are skill based courses its important to learn in practice. Most of our Online Teachers in Music and Performing Arts are performers too. While they may impart their learnings and skills to others they also perform in different forums and though different mediums too. It is always a privilege to learn from someone who has the best of content and practice.

Our Tutors are highly experienced in their fields. Some of them have as much as 30 years of experience as educators and performers. Some of the tutors have performed internationally and represented India. There are others who have many awards under their belts in India and in international forums.  Many of our Tutors have a Phd in the field and some have masters degrees too.

Music Meléti has the best online teachers for Music and Performing Arts. The faculty for each course will decide how they want to impart the knowledge. But since these are skill based courses there will definitely be a practical and practice part to it. The quantum of practical to theory will vary from course to course but will be mentioned in the course outline.

Yes the tutors will interact in person in the Online Music Sessions. You will be able to put across your queries and exchange ideas with the educator.

No the sessions will be live. We have the best online faculty for Music and performing Arts and you will be able to interact during sessions with them.