Higher Studies in music

OSM Works

OSM’s philosophy on music learning and performance supports an end to end approach. We strongly believe, that a musician’s journey does not begin and end with learning music theory and building performance skill . OSM is consolidating a holistic approach for music sojourners. At the outset, learning is linked as closely as possible to one’s own natural ability which is then nurtured to achieve highest possible execution skills. Execution skill is developed utilizing appropriate curriculum combined with engaging practice and performance sessions among peer musicians. Concerts and recitals are curated at regular intervals to execute developed skill. Focus is, to enable communication of message through music in a manner that engages audience. OSM directs its efforts in creating that crucial connect and ‘circle of energy’ experience, right from the start and build it into the entire journey. For serious music career oriented learners, OSM maintains acoustically engineered jampad and recording facilities that support development in music arena.