Higher Studies in music

One World College of Music

One World College of Music is a place you can call yours. Designed as a cultural hub, One World College of Music provides an interactive and experiential learning and working environment for both musicians and theatre students across a variety of genres and disciplines.The core of our programs stems from providing students with a personalised and enjoyable learning methodology – that encourages students of all skill levels to perform. It’s a safe creative space for a ‘first time’ hobby enthusiast and for a music aficionado alike. 

The personalised attention ensures each student grows at their own pace and embarks on their own journey in learning. We have something for everyone be it a beginner, a hobbyist, an enthusiastic child or an aspirant and career performer, and most importantly, for students who wish to study the performing arts full-time. The College actively supports and encourages the creation and performance of original music and scripts.