Higher Studies in music

Lorraine Music Academy

LORRAINE MUSIC ACADEMY® exists to access and promote the rich heritage of World Music. With this purpose we exist for all those who love music and desire to learn and play a musical instrument. Hence we teach you to play the Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Singing, Band Show… We have a faculty of internationally qualified musicians. Here our team of musicians are trained under the able guidance of Lorraine Fiona Aloysius, our Creative Director & Principal. We teach western classical, pop, rock, jazz, etc music to children and adults.

LORRAINE MUSIC ACADEMY® is focused on World Music Education. We desire to build a state-of- the-art World School of Music. Here we focus on music learningfrom the very basic level, building strong foundations, in order to reach global standards. Moreover, we also desire to bring about a fusion of Western and Indian music. Further, we have a firm belief in our students. We indeed believe that if our students can talk, then they can sing. It is also our belief that if they can write, then they can draw. We surely believe that if they can use their hands, then they can play a musical instrument.

Learning music at Lorraine Music Academy® is great fun. Here, learning music enables you to learn the foundations of music in the proper way. Thus learning music with us enables you to perform confidently in front of people at home, at parties and at public gatherings, events and concerts.