Higher Studies in music

Musicmeleti is committed to bring up the Skill of our hobby educator by bringing some of the best World class faculty, by conducting Master classes and workshops.

Our endeavour is to bring specifically curated short term courses to address the needs of our audience by bringing in best of universities and faculty under one roof.

Pandemic has really brought in a paradigm shift in our ways of working and thinking, though a lot of people think about the negative impacts, but we at Musicmeleti look at it as an opportunity.

All of a sudden we have become global from being only local. There are no walls or borders around us and hence, we have taken upon ourselves to bring in some world class faculty to contribute to the promotion of Performing arts.

How it Works


Create a professional profile

Put some love into building a rich profile that shows off your skills and experience


Keep students learning

Help your students learn new skills each month and earn more ₹

Why Teach Through Musicmeleti


Unlike other companies, Musicmeleti does the heavy lifting to deliver fully paid students directly to you


You'll have 100% flexibility. Enjoy being your own boss, setting your own prices, time, availability and teaching subjects you love in-person or online


You'll be part of a community. Share ideas and best practives with thousands of teachers across India and around the world


You'll eliminate busywork. Musicmeleti as your partner will handle all the marketing and billing for students so you can focus on teaching

What Musicmeleti educators have to say

Music Meleti has an interesting vision to organize music and the performing arts space in India which will support aspirants to professionally pursue the arts as a career. We really connected with this idea so when we were approached by the founders of Music Meleti to share our journey so far, we thought it would be pertinent, given that we too, continue to pursue our interest in music as a hobby and have been long ruminating on how music in India can be further professionalized.

Madhu & Preethi