Higher Studies in music

We welcome our Music Educators patrons to the exciting world of Music Meléti. We are Poised to becoming the largest online marketplace which everyone would use to choose higher studies for their career or hobby in the World of Music.

Targeting specially the Youth around the world this is going to be one of its kind venture. We offer a wide range of services right from choosing the right course to curating a tailor made curriculum for hobby needs for our aspirants

So become a Music Meléti verified Music Educator on our platform have access to right and unlimited segmented target audience. As an Music Meléti educator you can contribute to the largest moderated peer engagement community in world of Music.

Benefits of joining Music Meléti:-

How it Works


Create a professional profile

Put some love into building a rich profile that shows off your skills and experience


Receive fully-paid students

We handle booking and payments so you never have to buy bid for leads


Keep students learning

Help your students learn new skills each month and earn more ₹

Why Teach Through Musicmeleti


You'll receive paid students. Unlike other companies, Musicmeleti does the heavy lifting to deliver fully paid students directly to you


You'll have 100% flexibility. Enjoy being your own boss, setting your own prices, time, availability and teaching subjects you love in-person or online


You'll be part of a community. Share ideas and best practives with thousands of teachers across India and around the world


You'll eliminate busywork. Musicmeleti as your partner will handle all the marketing and billing for students so you can focus on teaching

What Musicmeleti educators have to say

Music Meleti has an interesting vision to organize music and the performing arts space in India which will support aspirants to professionally pursue the arts as a career. We really connected with this idea so when we were approached by the founders of Music Meleti to share our journey so far, we thought it would be pertinent, given that we too, continue to pursue our interest in music as a hobby and have been long ruminating on how music in India can be further professionalized.

Madhu & Preethi