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Calling all aspirants who have outgrown nursery rhymes but can’t get the rhythm out of your system!

There is inertia within you of a musician but you are not sure how to unleash him/her? Music Meléti is your place to be.

Music not only soothes the soul in its art form but is also extremely therapeutic. We invite you to explore the universe available around the world today to hone your skill higher Music Meléti caters to all kinds of musical aspirations.

With over 15K Courses to choose from  Music University/Conservatories around the world, We have carefully curated a vast repository of music Courses just for you, So that don’t miss out on any subject. Our qualified Educators and celebrity musicians will impart a deep understanding of music, rhythm, sound, beats and every art and science connected with music to satisfy your hobby needs online or in Person.

Our educators and their resources have been selected to not only develop the musical minds but also to enhance your confidence for performing on stage and amidst peers. As an Aspirant or Performer have to choice of uploading your musical journey on the platform for various people Watch-Follow-Hire you.

Jam online or Organize your own music and karaoke nights amongst Friends and Family or Peers. Experience the joy of bonding and being inspired in an environment that is both fun and encouraging on Music Meléti. So Sign up with your friends on our platform soon and reach out the plethora of opportunities that await

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