Higher Studies in music

Delhi University

At the Dept. of Music, Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi, we are proud to look at sixty years of effectuating the strategies of adapting our classical music from the traditional Gurukul system to that of the university system. The conceptual foundation was laid by Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao, the famous economist and former Education Minister, who was also the Vice Chancellor of this university at the time of its inception. With the aid of an endowment fund from Sir Shankar Lal Foundation, the Department of Music, University of Delhi, was instituted in the year 1960. The translation of the concept into reality was commenced by pioneers such as Prof. R.L. Roy, Shri C.S. Pant, Shri Pran Nath, Prof. V.V. Sadagopan, Smt. Ambujam, Shri Debu Chaudhuri and Shri V.K. Aggarwal, along with staff artistes – Shri Chhamma Khan, Shri Faqir Chand and Shri Ram Swaroop. They were followed by Ustad Yunus Hussain Khan, and thereafter by Vidushi Prof. Sumati Mutatkar as the Dean & Head, Faculty of Music & Fine Arts, University of Delhi. It was under the inspiration of Prof. Mutatkar, and with Yunus Khan ji as the first Choir Director, that the Department started the ‘Sargam Choir’, a vocal and instrumental ensemble, in 1971.