Higher Studies in music

Cyan Melon School of Music

Cyan Melon School of Music is one of the very few formal music education centers in Gurgaon providing all-round exposure to music education.  Founded by a very passionate music enthusiast who has been able to keep his musical journey intact throughout almost two decades  of his corporate journey, and one day passion for music paved a way for him to spread knowledge of music and happiness around him. We bring together a very good mix of musical knowledge, learning & development structure, and professionalism in our operational approach. Our exposure to multitide of indian and international music allows us to devise a very customized and systematic curriculum as we do not believe in the concept of “one size fits all”. We offer customized guitar classes, ukulele classes, piano classes, violin classes, drums classes, western music theory, and western vocal training; and also train and prepare for  various music grade exams for Trinity College London and Rock School London. Other than providing structured training curriculum, we have also introduced a unique infrastructure for recording, editing, and online sharing of videos through our in-house YouTube Studio.  For those who are looking for an infrastructure where they can come and jam or record, edit, and share, we have a Jampad Studio to facilitate this requirement. Moreover, we provide a very lively and friendly atmosphere for like-minded people to come, interact, and play great music. If you are looking for a perfect place for music classes in Gurgaon, you are at the right place.