Higher Studies in music

Conservatorio di Milano

Established with Royal Napoleonic Decree in 1807 by Eugène de Beauharnais, Viceroy of Italy, the Conservatory of Music “G. Verdi ”in Milan boasts a history more than two hundred years old . The inauguration dates back to September 3, 1808. Since then the Conservatory has been located in the historic former convent next to the Church of Santa Maria della Passione. And since then the Milanese Conservatory continues to be one of the most important institutions for the study of music, affirmed at national and international level , an integral and active part of the University System of Advanced Artistic and Musical Education, which belongs to the Ministry of Education, University and Research. Verdi in Milan is not only “a school”, but it is the place where music becomes a profession , the place where young students are called to take the field, to confront their classmates and the public.
The Milan Conservatory is in fact a 360 ° production organization , capable of offering the city public a wide range of events, which are the result of its daily life, of the work that teachers and students carry out together every year.
The student who wants to make music his profession has only to choose which training path to follow. The plan of the educational offer is, in the case of the Milan Conservatory, absolutely full of ideas for everyone, with 61 first level academic diploma courses , 59 second level academic diploma courses .