Higher Studies in music

Centre for Music Therapy education & Research

SBV has been the pioneers in introducing music therapy as an innovative method into medical care with a focus towards a patient-centered model of holistic care focusing on factors influencing health and healing instead of factors causing the disease or just the treatment (pathogenesis).   Center for Music Therapy Education and Research has been serving to support the pluralistic model of health care since the year 2010 functioning in the hospital block of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute. Currently, CMTER functions from the I floor, I block adjacent to the main hospital block. CMTER is also actively engaged in professionally training aspiring music therapists with its various education and training programmes.  Simultaneously, relevant research initiatives have also have been taken to build evidence and to create and support evidence-based data in music therapy in Indian context which has resulted in many research publications in both national and international peer-reviewed journals. These efforts of SBV  are in accordance with the Government of India directives as per the National Health Policy 2002 to integrate complementary and alternative therapies into medical care in a phased and an objective manner.