Paryag Sangeet Samiti

Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts

Prayag Sangit Samiti was established in the year 1926 with a view to popularize and teach Indian Classical music amongst the masses in India. This institution is registered under the Indian Societies Act (Act No.XXI of 1860). The basic object of the Samiti has always been to revive the prestige of the art of music comprising vocal music, instrumental music, dance and to organize systematic training in this art in India and also in foreign countries, besides reaching it to people at large. With this end in view, the Samiti had been devotedly applying itself to solid work for the last 62 years. It is through the efforts of this institution that MUSIC WAS INCLUDED AS ONE OF THE SUBJECTS IN HIGH SCHOOL AND INTERMEDIATE EXAMINATIONS CURRICULUM IN THE STATE OF UTTAR PRADESH (INDIA), and a lot of credit for the impetus given to the teaching of the art of music by various government institutions and universities, goes to this Samiti. The Samiti has played an important role in the all-round revival and popularity of Indian Classical music by organizing music competitions and conferences on All India Basis annually, in an effort to revive taste and devotion towards the art of music amongst the people and thus , popularizing this great art.

Patkai Christian College

Patkai Christian College

Patkai Christian College is a liberal arts college established in the year 1974. The college firmly believes that education is for the whole man in a framework of spiritual and moral absolutes. Patkai, like every christian college, has the difficult task of retaining its traditional stance while seeking to make its educational philosophy relevant to the world around it. Committed to the principle that the truth is revealed by God through Christ “…in Whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3), Patkai seeks to place all its activities within the framework of biblical perspective on such critical issues as the nature of God, man, nature, and the world, and to relate its instruction to the needs of contemporary society.


Open String Music Works

OSM Works

OSM’s philosophy on music learning and performance supports an end to end approach. We strongly believe, that a musician’s journey does not begin and end with learning music theory and building performance skill . OSM is consolidating a holistic approach for music sojourners. At the outset, learning is linked as closely as possible to one’s own natural ability which is then nurtured to achieve highest possible execution skills. Execution skill is developed utilizing appropriate curriculum combined with engaging practice and performance sessions among peer musicians. Concerts and recitals are curated at regular intervals to execute developed skill. Focus is, to enable communication of message through music in a manner that engages audience. OSM directs its efforts in creating that crucial connect and ‘circle of energy’ experience, right from the start and build it into the entire journey. For serious music career oriented learners, OSM maintains acoustically engineered jampad and recording facilities that support development in music arena.