Higher Studies in Music


Why do you need a Music Degree?

Does this question sound a little weird to you?

Or, do you think a degree in music is actually your time, effort and money?

It’s certainly a question that comes to mind if every millennial still and there is definitely an answer to it. YES!

While most of us do understand how important it is to follow our dreams and passion, not many of us really pursue them due to lack of guidance and motivation. MUSIC is one such subject where people do not happen to pursue it professionally due to lack of knowledge about this subject.

If you are passionate about pursuing it, we are here to help you choose the right school for you and YES you can do MUSIC Engineering too.

While preparing or studying in a school, do not think of your degree only in relation to how it will prepare you as a music professional. Instead, look at the wider skills you would develop in your school where you will get prepared for other career options too like music education, etc.

A musician these days needs to be versatile and be able to make a living by opting for a “Portfolio Career”. Not only musicians, a lot of people these days opt for “Portfolio Career” to make a living. And, because musicians are creative people with a real passion for learning, it is the transferable skills that they acquire and learn with time that can prepare them for many opportunities in life.

What do you think these transferable skills/magical superpowers are? You need to be communicative and good at communication in a very assertive way if you are in the field of music. Since, the job requires you to move from one place to another, you need to be very strict and be able to to self manage your time and activities really well. The things might not always fall well within your comfort zone, hence, you should have the willingness to take on additional responsibilities as and when required to show your productivity and teamwork. Your good listening skills would be highly appreciated at your place of work if you are in a music ensemble.

Now, that’s how a Music Degree helps and teaches you all of the above in a good Music School while learning music too. A degree in music offers you with enough challenges that are both creative and academic, that not only requires you to be organised and disciplined in your ways of working but also able to be expressive, innovative and creative in your approach, learning and thinking.

The biggest reason to embark on a MUSIC DEGREE or any other profession is that you are truly passionate about it and really love it. If you truly are passionate about MUSIC, then you should not be underestimating the value of an actual MUSIC DEGREE that actually exists.

Do not opt for something you are going to do half-heartedly or you would like to become part of the rat race. It’s much better to get a Good degree in MUSIC and see the broader picture which is going to help you grow professionally and the possibilities it may create for you in future then opting for something that you think might be more conventional or employable at that point of time.

We would also advise while choosing the right music school for yourself is find a school that actually “Prioritises: – “REAL WORLD”. The music professors and educators should have significant experience and knowledge about their subjects, which would prepare the students in the right ways to become professionals in music in the long run and groom them well for the future.

Wishing you young minds all the best in your MUSIC journey





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