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How to get a degree in teaching music?

How to get a degree to teach music ? Does one even need one ? and where can one do this from are some of the questions that come to mind.

How to get a degree in teaching music
How to get a degree in teaching music

Teachers are the foundation of any successful career. They are the people who teach, guide and train the students to excel in their chosen field. So for a teacher to be the trained in one’s field is an absolute essential. A teacher brings to class the expertise which has been gained through learning and experience.

A leaner or student  is born with some degree of intelligence which is further honed by the inputs that the teacher provides. With good inputs,  hard work and intelligence students or learners are able to do well in life.

In some case students or learners are born with a special skill like a melodious voice or the ability to draw or paint these are called inborn talents.

To be able to sing or play an instrument is looked at with awe by people around. It’s  “cool” or a “happening” that one can sing or play an instrument. Some are  born with  a musical ability  and having a good teacher can go a long way. A passionate or talented music teacher can help students or learners of any age become the best.

Music as a subject choice is clubbed under the Arts stream and more specifically under the Performing Arts banner with other subjects like dance, drama, theatre, etc.  Music Meléti works in the area of Music and Preforming Arts. Music certificate programs online are available through our site. Most of these courses  have  Online classes by Ivy league faculty too.

You may be a talented musician or you may be a proficient singer or a performer and by training to be a teacher you would be able to impact many more lives and see your art take shape in the form of more Musicians in the world.   As a music teacher you may want to know what all can you learn to teach ? Depending upon your interest and skill you can teach the following

  • Fundamentals of Music – rhythm, pitch, tempo, etc
  • Vocal music/singing
  • Musical instruments
  • Music composition
  • Music appreciation
  • Music history
  • Reading and writing music for solo or group
  • Business of Music

To get a degree to teach Music , each college would have a different requirement and that needs to be fulfilled.  High school certification needs to be completed to apply for a graduation degree. For the same you would have to demonstrate your skill at admissions process too. In case you have had the opportunity to perform on school, college or various state or city level events , it is a good practice to keep the documents/certificates handy. Many young musicians are composing, recreating or putting out cover versions on social media channels like Youtube, using apple music or distrokid to circulate their art. Keeping all the above to build your profile is a good practice. Many colleges give extra points for the admissions process if the student has participated in school, national or international events. Similarly many colleges provide scholarship based on expertise and level. Merit-based scholarships could be available too. Colleges abroad do provide scholarship on various parameters. Even in India many colleges provide scholarships and aids.

On gaining a Music teacher’s degree one can go ahead and do a master’s level course and also a Doctoral program in the sphere. These can help not only upgrade but also in getting opportunities to teach at college and university levels.

Teaching  degrees and music degrees are available in most undergraduate and graduate programs.  If you prefer to teach music in a school you would be required to have a degree in your core area but also a degree or certification in education. Music Certification Programs  are available in online and offline mode. Certification Programs are normally of lesser duration and can be an add on to the degree one has pursued. These can also be done while one is working.

Teachers who have a formal degree in music find it beneficial not only to excel in their field but it also helps them gain mastery or more confidence when they set foot into a classroom full of students. A formal music degree would help the individual to learn more than what they would otherwise through practice. This would help them be a better teacher and a better performer too.

You can get a degree in teaching Music from Music Meléti . Many music certification programs which are taught by IVY league faculty are also available through Music Meléti. Online classes by Ivy league faculty can be accessed from anywhere and will give all the benefits required to excel in the field.

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