Higher Studies in music

Australian Institute of Music

The Australian Institute of Music is Australia’s only private music school totally dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in music. We’re not an arts college or a design school: music rules our world. We’ve been teaching – and playing – for over 50 years. And in that time, we’ve helped thousands of students to follow their musical ambitions, through our giant campuses in the heart of Sydney and Melbourne. We’ve created star performers, hit songwriters and record label executives, propelled countless students into successful, long-running musical and music business careers, and most importantly, nurtured talented people just like you, helping them to take their craft and their passion to the highest level.
We’re uncompromisingly creative, contemporary, and progressive in our outlook. This means that while we can give you an outstanding choice of musical and arts and entertainment management degrees of the highest academic quality – with both Bachelor degrees and Masters programs. We also offer a welcoming, inspiring environment in which you can find your place in the musical world, collaborate with like-minded people, and really thrive.