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Music Meléti is an online platform dedicated to Music and Performing Arts education.

Music Education covers vocal  music, music instruments, composition, creation, production and everything related to  Creating Music.  When we talk about Performing Arts this covers Drama, Dance, theatre, direction and its nuances. 

Music and Performing Arts today is growing to be fields that students would like to consider as professional education options. All professional courses In Music and Performing Arts are available through us.Coaching and mentoring in Music & performing arts is also our forte. Handholding for admission in music and performing arts courses from across the world will be managed through our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to get an online Professional courses in Music and Performing Arts you have reached the right place.  It’s as simple as logging on to Music Meléti site and searching for the course that meets your need. Browse through the course content and look at the educator profile and video. You will find Professional course in Music and Professional Courses in Performing Arts listed on the platform. Choose what suits your need but if you are confused we provide Coaching and Mentoring in Music and Performing Arts, so reach out to us.  We also provide Handholding for admission in Music and performing arts course selection. Once the confusion is sorted simply pay and confirm your participation to our Music Certification Program Online. Many Professional Courses in Music and Professional Courses in Performing Arts are available through Music Meléti.

Yes, you can. Look through the curated programs listed on Music Meléti site. Browse through the course content of the Music Certification program online, available online and also look at the Educator profile. Then simply confirm and follow the payment options to pay for the online Music certification program. It is definitely worth it since it is a course that is led by Ivy league educators and you can upskill from the comfort of your home at a affordable cost. To top it the course is certified by MESC – Media and entertainment Skill Council of India. Post the course you will have not only learnt something new, it would give  you exposure to international faculty and practices and would thus help you perform your job better.

For all the Professional Course in Music and Professional Courses in Performing Arts all you need is a laptop/computer, headphones/earphones, a stable internet connection and your chosen Professional Music course or the Professional Performing Arts course. With it you need some time, money and your commitment to complete it and reap the benefits of it. Education always helps in building credibility and what better way than doing so in the comfort of your house and at an affordable cost

We have many Professional Courses in Music and Professional Courses in Performing Arts. The online Professional Course in Music will help you learn Music and its nuances in entirety with a highly acclaimed Tutor. Similarly you can take up a Professional course in Performing Arts and choose your art form – dance, drama, theatre, etc. So apart from learning and gaining knowledge and upping your skill a Music certification Program Online or a Performing Arts certification Program Online  will help you to acquire an accreditation that showcases  your professional abilities. A certification can assist you to begin another vocation or to upskill to better your opportunities. It can work for someone venturing to start their own business or for someone who wants an additional skill to complete the package. In case you are confused and need help deciding do reach out for Coaching and mentoring in Music & performing arts. We also can do Handholding for admission in Music and performing arts courses in India and abroad.

Many Professional courses in Music and performing arts are offered through Music Meléti. A certification in Music or a Professional course in Music is essential to be competitive and be the best. It is an expert acknowledgement of an understudy’s capacity to play an instrument or sing well. Understudies or the learner will study under the direction of experienced artists/Tutor to further develop their playing or singing capacity both alone and in a group of people. Courses may incorporate Music hypothesis classes where understudies figure out how to peruse and decipher Music, arrangement classes that offer understudies the chance to compose their own melodies, and the act of spontaneity classes that hone their capacity to play on the spot without the help of printed Music. After consummation of a program, understudies for the most part track down work as inhabitant artists in clubs and presentation corridors. They could also begin to record in recording studios with the expectation of selling their Music. The business is serious; proceeding to procure a loan ranger’s or alternately graduate degree can expand vocation choices and pay rates. Many use their accreditation in a roundabout way by beginning a vocation in educating or administrative and organization work. Begin investigating your choices for a testament in Music. Look for your program  and explore our Music certification Program Online. We will be handholding for the admissions in Music and Performing Arts courses. In case you are undecided and need support we have a Coaching and mentoring in Music & performing arts support team too.

A Professional courses in Music and performing arts provides a competitive edge. While a certain credential or degree might be valuable, the more  fundamental component is how you’ve recognised and processed that data. Depending on the stage of your life and circumstance, they both can work well.

As a youngster trying to make a mark in the industry a Music degree may work better for you. It would provide the entire gamut of information required for you to position yourself in the world outside. In case you are already a practicing Musician a certification online course may work well since you are looking at learning newer techniques and processes as available across the world. A Music degree program is obviously longer and requires focus and diligence to complete which means more time 3-4 years whereas a certification online program can be for anywhere from 6-24 weeks. For certification evaluate our Music certification Program Online

A bouquet of Professional courses in Music and performing arts are available through Music Meléti. But what are the advantages of taking on a Music school that is completely on the web? Its –

  • Easy to complete within the confines of a safe place
  • Easy as It doesn’t require any specific equipment than what you have.
  • Easy since you have full control over the way you plan and study.
  • Easy since you can plan your classes around your timetable and your other work priorities.

One normal misconception is that electronic affirmation programs are restricted, which isn’t true. You will get brilliant instructing, have expanded adaptability, and have the option to utilize recorded video illustrations to assist you with learning at your own speed. Being eye to eye with your educators and requiring arranged, significant homework to accomplish is uncommon care and ought to be considered while concluding which program design is great for you in our Music certification programs and Performing Arts certification courses too.

In the event that you have a legitimate attitude and treat your Music schooling in a serious way, it will probably consume most of your spare energy. A plethora of options in Professional courses in Music and performing arts are available today. This is particularly obvious assuming you are working at normal everyday employment to help yourself all through the program. The inquiry is, would you rather zero in solely on your Music certification program for a solitary year (a common time span of an internet-based Music endorsement) or 2-4 years (a Music partner or four-year college education)?

Regardless of whether you have the performing various tasks abilities of a shuffling jokester singing on a unicycle, you can obviously see the advantage of gathering your online Music schooling to a solitary year.

Once you have figured the benefits of an online course the next step is to figure out which Music school you’d like to join. When it comes to selecting the best Music school for you, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Personnel and educators
  • Options for Authentication
  • Success in the class
  • Direct connect with the educator.
  • Teachers pedigree.
  • Cost involved and certification body

Online Certificate in Music programs including Performing arts is available through Music Meléti. This internet-based Music education aims to promote balanced Musicians & performers who are ready to make an impact in the industry.

We are on a mission to promote Professional courses in Music and performing arts and we do so by bringing in the faculty from around the world who have been teaching for many years and have experience on an online mode of teaching.  Courses include single day or multiple day masterclass, workshop or a certification course 6-34weeks, in a group format In all our Music certification programs. The Music Meléti’s online Music Certificate Program & Performing arts  is gainful to the present craftsman in an assortment of ways, from dominating an instrument to understanding the complexities of recording, imagination, and plan.

Music Meléti courses are Professional courses in Music and Professional courses in Performing Arts. These course begin Whenever you want, just bring in 10 likeminded people and get in touch or log in and block your intent and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Music Meléti classes happen Online on zoom virtually once or twice a week as per course. All our courses are certified and conducted by Ivy league or very experienced faculty.

As soon as you register yourself and pay  at the Music Meléti site, you would get the link for the certified course you have signed up for with more details.

As these are live classes, recording would not be shared however if you subscribe for the same they would be made available through Music Meléti.

We are on a mission to enable and help upgrade all Performers, Artists and learners. So clearly there would be presentation, theory practical and question and answer in the sessions. Depending on your choice of course it would have a large practical aspect to it and would require regular and focussed practice too.

No the fees is not refundable but in case you cannot take the course due to some unforeseen circumstances please do connect with the team and we will look into it.

    • Go to the site creativewarriers.in or www. MusicMeléti.com,
    • Browse through the website to find what you are looking for.
    • choose the educator for the course as mentioned.
    • Choose the course
    • Pay as per provided option
    • Receive the confirmation mail with a zoom link to join

    In case you are unsure we do  handholding for admission in Music and performing arts Courses for Universities and Colleges across the world. We also provide Coaching and Mentoring in Music and Performing Arts.

All the courses in Music Meléti are certified and well structured. The certificate would carry your name, the course and it would be signed by MESC, Music Meléti and the Educator.

The courses are differently designed for new learners, for adept performers/artists who want to take their skill to the next level or for educators who want to reskill or upskill. Depending upon the course you choose, you would get credits. You can sign up for our Coaching and mentoring in Music & performing arts to clear the doubts.

The courses may change or stay the same with Music Meléti. Some new courses can be added too from time to time.

Then simply write to us and get coached on how to navigate ahead. We provide Handholding for admission in Music and performing arts courses. We also provide coaching and mentoring in Music and Performing Arts.

If this is you, then simply reaching out for coaching and mentoring services and we will help you ahead. We have a focussed team that provides Coaching and mentoring in Music and Performing Arts courses.  We also have Handholding for admission in Music and performing arts courses at colleges across the country and the globe.

Still have questions? Want to know more – write to us at sonali.mehra@Musicmeléti.com or ashish.mehra@Musicmeléti.com