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About us

About the Founders

The founders are Sonali & Ashish Mehra who set about the task to find answers to the questions that we had, not only for ourselves but for the music aspirants at large. We carry a collective experience of 50 odd years in the Corporate and academic Space.

Ashish is a Graduate and an MBA from INSEAD-Fountain Bleu, who has worked in the office automation, telecom and consulting sector. He brings experience of having managed large businesses and large teams. He has many accolades to his credit as a fabulous performer and manager. He has worked with organizations’ like Xerox Corporation, Airtel, Reliance Telecom, Singtel etc. He is a father and a doggo parent who has now turned entrepreneur and is raring to go. His expertise lies in converting opportunities and converging business ideas. He has been a mentor to many young budding team members and is regularly sort out for his experience.

Sonali that is me is a Post Graduate in Psychology from the Delhi Univeristy and is also a Certified Coach from ICF. I have traversed both the corporate sector and academia. While in the corporate space I have managed large teams and handled HR for prestigious organizations’ like Xerox, Business Standard, PricewaterhouseCoopers, etc. Moving to the academic space I began as an associate in S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai, then moved to IMT Ghaziabad and have had a long and successful stint managing career Advisory Services. As a corporate profession moving to the academia I understood what the corporate sector wanted of the student community that they hired from. I have nurtured and helped hone the talent of many students since early days of my career.  I continue to Coach and Counsel students on Career and Life matters.

Music meléti

Music meléti is your go to place if you want to study Music. Meléti is a Greek word which means “Study” and hence the name Music Meléti.

Why we happened?

In the search for music colleges for our own son we were foxed. There was so much and then there was so little and we had no one to turn to. No, one place had all the data of such schools, no one person could help us understand the process, no one to tell us how to choose one over the other, no one to tell you how to manage the finances, basically no one person could  guide us ahead. The regular career counsellors or coaches only brought us to a point, sometimes post a Psychometric test, that our son should study or be in the Music space. As a skill based profession or course, we needed more than just website information from hundreds of schools spread all over the world.

So what are we going to provide you with?

Music meléti team has brought all the possible channels of learning, studying and growing in the Music field under one roof. We have a place where you can see and understand what all is available incase you want to study music ahead and make a profession of it. We bring to you the biggest and the best Music Schools/ Colleges/Conservatories and provide a platform for you to search and find what you need. We also bring to you the opportunities available in the Partner colleges and allow them to connect with the aspirants through us.  We wish you the best in your musical journey ahead. As the famous Keith Richards said “Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it is in the bones, it is in the bones.”

FAMOUS Quotes Beethoven –“Music can change the world” Jimi Hendrix – “Music is a safe kind of high”