Higher Studies in music

AAFT School of Performing Arts

AAFT School of Performing Arts has been renowned as the leader in Music production courses in Delhi, It offers comprehensive music degree courses In India that are strictly designed to lay a solid foundation of music production & composition skills among the students during the learning tenure. The Bachelor in Performing Arts (BPA) offered by AAFT is a full-time 4 years degree course that offers specialization in Music Production. The curriculum is tailored to include the fundamentals of music composition, recording and production which focus on elevating the performance skills of students. It is a professional degree programme for the aspiring students to have a flourishing career in music industry. Music production courses are ideal for music & sound enthusiasts and help them learn ways to record, edit and mix music. Performing arts courses at AAFT School of Performing Arts comprise of classes in acting, dancing, singing, musical instrument performance and music composition. Our music courses are among the best music degree courses in India and open doors to music careers such as Music Producer or Composer, Recording Engineer, Songwriter, Club DJ or Radio DJ, Music Director (Radio), Music Teacher and more. Pre-performance lectures are provided which talk about the history of a type of performance such as theatrical presentation, music orchestration, or a dance form. The dance courses at AAFT offer training in different dance styles like Hip-hop, Bollywood, Contemporary and Classical dance. Customized classes and an opportunity to perform publicly later on, prepares the students for a professional career in dance. Apart from music and dance courses, AAFT also offers theatre courses to teach acting basics, improvisation techniques and character acting. While specialized classes focus on sharpening acting skills for auditions, general acting classes help students learn about performing in public. The Music and Dance institute at AAFT aims at providing comprehensive learning for students, while focusing on the development of artistic intelligence.