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This site is a godsend, it has all the information I could ever ask for in just a click. It makes the process of looking for and comparing music schools according to your preferences easy. It also provides crucial details needed when analysing and choosing the perfect music school. I would absolutely recommend this to friends and family! Sukanya Gopalakrishna BLR.

A single website to research the various degrees and certificates one can gain in the field of music is something that is so unique and resourceful. Not only does Music Meléti list courses but also suggests multiple universities that provide these in their curriculum thereby reducing a student's workload when trying to choose the right path for themselves. This website is highly recommended to parents who would like to explore the academic field of music, be it to understand its scope or list good universities for their children as well as to students who wish to find the perfect University that channels their passion into a degree. Vinaya K

Undoubtedly the most comprehensive website for music enthusiasts. I had no idea that there can be such a wide variety of music courses and unique ones like math and music or music and engineering. This website is not only a guide to your music career but also to discover new options. Aishani Gosh

Musicmeleti is a website that's based on music studies across the globe. When I first went through the website, I saw the intensive research and effort that was put into making a beautiful informative site to visit for all the music lovers. Its detailed and very user friendly! For all the music enthusiasts, this place is the place for your music to find new tunes! 😊. Nadia Tahir

Music Meléti is a very informative website which gives individuals who are interested in Music a plethora of interesting and enumerating ideas to guide people through. Personally, it gave me a very holistic insight to surround myself with the courses and locations of colleges throughout India. It is able to give me a comprehensive outlook for one’s career and reassure me of the scope of Music in India. Saad Saddiqui

For everyone wanting to study music or make a career in it, Music Meleti is the one-stop junction for all your necessities. It is an amazing website developed for navigating through music-related courses and possible career options in India and abroad. It is user friendly and extremely easy to use with a lot of information. It provides various options for someone who isn’t very sure and thus, one can make an informed decision. Rohini Bhavya

While browsing the internet, I came across music meleti and it was so interesting to see this website. I was just remembering the days when I had to find colleges and there was no website which could give me the chance of comparing comparing courses, colleges let alone a profession in music. Being a music lover, I think this is the best thing that has happened and it helps encourage other professions as well than just the normal doctors, engineers etc etc. Kudos to Ashish & Sonali who have thought through this and made lives easy for all of us. Nishtha Gandhi

MusicMeleti is a really good initiative. When I first started looking for music colleges, there was no one website which showed all the different music degrees and courses available for new and budding musicians. This website makes the process really easy and effortless. This website is really easy to use and gives a proper guide on what courses are available in music and also other combined courses such as math and music. This opens the eyes of the people to the infinite possibilities in music as a career. A website so intuitive reduces the workload of the student in finding the right path for themselves. This website finds universities from all over the globe. For all the aspiring musicians, singers and audio engineers, this is the website which will help you find your dream music college. Mandabya B